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Servicing Our Clients
Medigas services, tests, and repairs the following equipment:
  • Air Compressors
  • Air Safety Testing
  • ALM Theatre Lights
  • Anaesthetic Equipment (Vaporisers, Absorbers, Ventilators, Anaesthetic Machines)
  • Blenders (Bird, Seachrist, Siemens, Cobe)
  • Gas Manifolds (CIG, Gascon, Hospquip)
  • Gas Outlet Points
  • Gas Pendants
  • Midwifery equipment (Midogas, Infant Resuscitation Trolleys)
  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Reconditioned Entonox Regulators
  • Resuscitators (Oxyviva, Hand Resuscitators, Wall Type Demand Resuscitators)
  • Suction Equipment (Twinovacs, Regulators, Adaptors)
  • Therapy Equipment
    - Flowmeters
    - Humidifiers
    - Regulators
  • Three-way & Four-way adapters
  • Quantiflex Units
  • Vacuum Pumps

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